The GFA is a charity for families living in Britain, who have adopted or are in the process of adopting children from Guatemala. Our primary goal is to support internationally adopted Guatemalan children, now living in Britain, actively to keep a connection with and understand their roots and Guatemalan culture. We are also happy to help, with our own experiences, those in the process of Guatemalan adoption.



BPD are sincerely grateful for the very significant donations you have made over the years. Those of you who have visited our projects and had the opportunity to go out to the villages and see the outcomes of the monies you have given are aware of how great the need is and how life enhancing the changes we can collectively effect. Few other groups will be as aware of the pressures placed on women in Guatemala. No other gift you give will be put to such hard work as the one you give to help the rural men, women and children of Highland Guatemala help themselves. Guatemala's history of violence against indigenous populations, natural disasters, poverty, illiteracy and disastrously high rates of infant and maternal death can best be dealt with in partnership with Guatemalans. Your gift provides the resources to make progress possible.

Behrhorst Partners for Development will invest your gift in projects that promote self-sufficiency, foster community development, and enhance the education and health of people who are working to make a better life for their children and their communities.

Together, we will make the struggle to survive and be productive a little easier.

The latest report from Behrhorst can be read here: