The GFA is a charity for families living in Britain, who have adopted or are in the process of adopting children from Guatemala. Our primary goal is to support internationally adopted Guatemalan children, now living in Britain, actively to keep a connection with and understand their roots and Guatemalan culture. We are also happy to help, with our own experiences, those in the process of Guatemalan adoption.

First phase of the project completed!

The first phase of the project to supply clean water to families in Chiraxaj, a small village in Guatemala, has been completed on schedule. Members of the GFA have been busy fundraising to supply the village with clean piped water. The second phase to supply families with grey water filters, better sanitation and safer, more fuel efficient stoves will start next month. Many thanks to everyone helping to make this all a reality! Your help is transforming people's lives. 

Camila Ramos Sanai (54) had 8 children who had many health problems when growing up because the poor hygiene conditions in the village. She always had a lot of laundry to do as her children got dirty whilst playing on the patio. She had no water to do her washing so she had to go to a small community well to collect water. The family often suffered from gastrointestinal diseases because of the contamination. She spent most of the day just carrying water and doing the laundry, and had no time for almost anything else, like earning money for her family. 
  Now, all has changed as she only has to turn on the tap and the water is there, and in less than an hour and a half her laundry is done.  She can clean her house and still has time to go and sell fruit in Santa Apolonia to help her family. She is also saving time because does not need to collect as much firewood as before to boil the water, because it is already chlorinated, so Camila says: “I am very grateful to the GFA and ABPD/ALDEA because you both have made our lives much easier and healthier. Thank you so much for your support”.