The GFA is a charity for families living in Britain, who have adopted or are in the process of adopting children from Guatemala. Our primary goal is to support internationally adopted Guatemalan children, now living in Britain, actively to keep a connection with and understand their roots and Guatemalan culture. We are also happy to help, with our own experiences, those in the process of Guatemalan adoption.

Pueblo a Pueblo

'changing the world one child at a time'


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On the shores of Lake Atitlan in the southern highlands of Guatemala, surrounded by volcanoes is nestled Santiago Atitlan, a small indigenous T’zutujil Mayan community. This community of 43,000 people represents one of the largest Mayan indigenous populations in the Americas.  

In the past five years, devastating natural disasters compounded the bleak pre-existing educational and economic realities (still recovering from some of the worst aspects of the long civil war) threaten its viability. In 2005, mudslides following Hurricane Stan buried the school and hospital, as well as scores of homes, and many lives were lost, devastating families and the community.

Four years later, nearly one third of the families still live in plastic tent shelters without clean water, proper nutrition, adequate healthcare or educational opportunities for their children. 

Pueblo a Pueblo was formed to respond to the situation in Santiago Atitlan and other villages around it. Their aim is to contribute to building sustainable, viable and healthy indigenous communities in Guatemala. Projects are developed in close collaboration with the local partners to respond to their most pressing needs.

Each project is designed to build the capacity of the community to thrive on its own while achieving health, nutrition, and educational opportunities for the children and their families.    

Recent donations from the GFA (funded via contributions from membership fees, individual member donations, fund raising activities, sponsored events, parties and such like) have been put to very good use with the 2 essential projects below – 60% of funds sent have been put towards the lunch programme and 40% to the library project.

Don’t forget - GFA members visiting the area are very welcome to go and visit the schools in the area to visit the projects first hand.

Small practical donations would be most welcome too! Such as: pencils, colouring pencils, sharpeners, rulers etc, and children’s level Spanish reading books, simply educational games – e.g. times table snap card games etc, along with items of children’s clothing are always very welcome and much appreciated